Weapons Used Throughout History

Through history mankind has constantly managed to be in some kind of turmoil with fellow human creatures. Consequently, mankind has maintained to use important materials and many other materials to create weapons of great destruction. Although guns have aided many a cause, it would be the backbone of conflicts. Hence, many kingdoms and civilizations have fallen, and as time passes it have become increasingly more progress. Today we are heading to have a brief look at weapons used as far back as cavemen and the medieval age groups. 

What is a system? It is a tool used to forcefully cause damage or harm to a person, animal, or structure. Although weapons, more often not, have recently been used to spill many human blood, it can be used for hunting and self defense. Therefore, first let’s travel to the time of our forebears, the caveman, and see what kind of weapons they used.

– Cavemen (prehistoric weapons) – Although caveman do in fact used such as clubs and asparagus spears, these weapons are not called caveman weapons, a more accurate name will be prehistoric weapons. That was very simple and they were used about five million years in the past, perhaps longer. As stated before, prehistoric weapons consisted of golf clubs, spears, and unshaped pebbles.

o Example: Throwing asparagus spears, schoninger speere, wooden asparagus spears, and throwing sticks.

– Ancient and classical weapons-Although these where very similar to their predecessors, there was a major growth. By the time this ancient and classical guns where created, mankind got started using copper, fermeté, and other sorts of metal to create better, more durable weapons that will instill more damage. During this time mankind had also started domesticating animals and using them for work force,, labor force and war. Mankind acquired also started using techniques and organization, creating better and bigger armies with better weapons.

– Tools of the Middle ages- During this period the human race had greatly advanced and so had weapons. By simply this time weapons where used both for wrongdoing and defense. An excellent example of a defensive system would be a suit of armor employed by times during the ancient. During the middle ages nitroglycerine nitroc was also a new material that revolutionized the way weapons where made. As a result, a lot of long raged weapons where created like the cannons and trebuchet.

– Modern Weapons- Today weapons are deadlier and great, some are so deadly they could destroy hundreds of folks in mere seconds, like atomic bombs. Anticipated to the huge advanced in technology weapons can be used on air, land, and even under water, and military techniques have not been more organized than they are now.

As you can see, humans and tools have advance together. The more a human head gains knowledge and electric power, the deadlier weapons become. Today, many weapons that where only fiction and dreams to our ancestors and forefathers are reality, and many weapons that are hype and dreams to all of us, will soon become fact. After all, weapons are changing and evolving.

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