How to Wall Mount a Plasma Or Lcd on a Plasterboard Wall

This is the way I divider mount a plasma or LCD TV on a plasterboard divider.

Right off the bat fit the television section to the TV, disregard the divider mount part at this stage. Take after the section producers directions on what screws to utilize and utilize any washers provided. Ensure the screws are tight however not over tight. The sections I utilize are the long rail sort which will in all likelihood traverse two bars in a stud plasterboard divider. empresas Pladur Madrid 

Next choose where about on the plasterboard divider you need to mount the TV. Stamp the middle position on the plasterboard divider and a line where you need the base of the plasma to be. I utilize a soul level. On the off chance that you are mounting it over a chimney check the center of the mantelpiece and utilize the soul level to take the line vertically up to where the focal point of the divider mount will go. To get the stature of the divider mount, measure from the base of the plasma screen to the highest point of the “snare” some portion of the TV section. Presently exchange that estimation to the divider. Measure from the line where you needed the base of the screen to go to the separation you gauged. This will guarantee you get the plasma TV at the tallness you needed it to be.

Presently present the divider mount to the middle line and the deliberate line for the tallness. Utilizing your soul level to ensure the divider mount is straight. Stamp the openings on the divider.

There are two sorts of plasterboard divider. One is “spot and touch” where the plasterboard is adhered to the blockwork utilizing a glue. The other is stud divider. You can tell in the event that you have dab and touch by tapping the plasterboard divider. In the event that there are strong sounding parts of the divider around 600mm separated then it is speck and spot. This is the ideal place to penetrate the openings. The explanation behind this is the point at which you fix the sinks the plasterboard doesn’t force and break. Typically if the section covers a few these strong bits then you will be OK. Ensure you settle the television section here. On the off chance that the TV section doesn’t traverse two strong touches then perhaps you require an expert!

On the off chance that the plasterboard divider is a stud divider, when you stamp the television section gaps ideally you will discover no less than one studs to settle to and subsequently take the heaviness of the plasma or lcd. One is generally enough to take the weight seeing as most level screen TV’s are so light nowadays. Put two or three additional fixings in any case to stop the section slipping out of level. I regularly utilize the butterfly sort fixings for this. Ensure you have a minimum two or three fixings into the wood however, in the event that the divider was to get wet from a surge or spilling funnel and you didn’t have settling into wood the plasma or LCD would hit the deck.

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