What Not To Do To Get Facebook Likes?

For as long as few days I’ve been attempting diverse methods that I found on Internet to get fast Facebook likes. Well on the off chance that you are likewise scanning for a similar thing then, I can help you spare your time by revealing to you what I’ve officially attempted and not worked. buy 50 facebook post likes 

Before I reveal to you what are the things I’ve effectively done, given me a chance to disclose to you why you require Facebook likes.

Why you require Facebook Likes?

You Need Facebook likes since whatever you distribute on your Facebook page is appeared on the individual’s news bolster and the measurements indicates 30 percent of individuals tends to tap on whatever is appeared on news nourish.

Thus, on the off chance that you have 1000 likes on your page then you will get around 300 hundred special guests for every post soon after one time diligent work.

Thus, How to get Facebook likes

All things considered, I don’t have the response for that question as should be obvious my Facebook page has just 1 like

What I’ve not done

I haven’t informed any of my companions regarding my site’s fanpage. I think in the event that you request that your companions like your Facebook Page they may check it toward the starting just to bolster you however over the long haul that won’t profit you (I haven’t attempted it, I simply think it may be the situation)

What I’ve attempted and How I fizzled

1. Blog remarking with your Facebook Page or Website Link

Toward the starting when i used to remark on any blog. I used to post an immediate connection of my Facebook Fanpage or site, therefore of which the site proprietor never distributes my remark.

Later I found that you can’t just post connect until you have something considerable to add to the post. Along these lines, in the event that you are thinking about a similar thing then drop the thought since it won’t take you anyplace.

2. Welcome People via Mailing List

This is my another fizzled endeavor in getting Facebook likes. As all of you should realize that Facebook permits to welcome individuals by sending welcomes through contact list.

Along these lines, what I did was that I got a mailing rundown of around 9000 distinctive mail IDs and out of these 9000 IDs 3500 were at that point show on Facebook I sent the welcomes to every one of these individuals and none of them not even a solitary individual preferred my page.

I don’t know whether I couldn’t utilize the rundown cleverly or the general population I sent demand to wasn’t keen on what I’m blogging. Along these lines, in the event that you are attempting to do this same thing, I will counsel you not to do that as you will be simply squandering your time.

3. Posting Link on Popular Facebook Pages

This is my third fizzled endeavor in getting Facebook likes, what I did was I posted my Facebook page interface on prevalent Facebook pages that has more than 2-3 million preferences. It didn’t benefit me in any way in addition to I continue getting messages from obscure individuals to like their page. In this way, again on the off chance that you are considering doing likewise I guidance you not to, as you will simply be squandering your time.

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