ASUS P8Z77-V Review – Best Value Z77 Motherboard

If you are buying lower price Z77 mother board, the ASUS P8Z77-V could be the best solution for a worth oriented enthusiast. This kind of is primary entries from ASUS brand of Z77 hauptplatine aiming to provide you with the best performance without the significant price tag.

The P8Z77-V is created with the latest Z77 chipset that facilitates Ivy Bridge processors and a backward compatible with Sandy Bridge processors. In the event you still have one you can put it to use here without the need for BIOS update. As you already know, the computer chip is merely like the elderly Z68, you can take good thing about the integrated GRAPHICS and at the same time you can accelerate the processor with the unlock version. Bios chip programmed

The new Z77 chipset brings more improvement including the support for PCIe 3. 0, LucidLogix Virtu MVP and the inclusion of super rate USB 3. 0. These kinds of features took advantage over the Z68 so that it is an intelligent choice if you’re planning to create a computer under socket 1155 platform. 

In spite of removing some ports to cut down its price, it stocks the same state of the art features out-do other competing Z77 panel including the DIGI+ VRM which is very useful when adjusting the ideal volt quality for overclocking purposes. This has a total of 12-Phase power design with 8-Phase for CPU, 4-Phase for memory and 2-Phase for iGPU. There’s also the EPU and TPU dual processor that provides maximum power efficiency to save lots of you more energy concurrently.

The whole system stays on cool with its excellent fan Xpert 2 control that allows the right enthusiast speed for every single portion of the computer that generates heat quickly. The new BIOS Flashback feature is very helpful that restores your configurations whenever it crashes. Certainly one of ASUS unique feature is the UEFI GUI program BIOS that eliminates the pain with traditional computer keyboard control.

With its highly advanced Gen3 graphics support it will manage quad SLI and Crossfire Multi GPU for optimum display smoothness. This doesn’t matter if if you’re an NVidia or ATI fans ASUS has passage the gap between the two.


The ASUS P8Z77-V was tested using an Intel Core i7 3770K 3. 5GHz Flowers Bridge processor, 2x 4 GIG Corsair DDR3 1600MHz, European Digital Caviar Black 1TB WD1002FAEX and SwifTech chilling system.

Hitting the normal 4. 4GHz speed using the default setting with this board is straightforward by just increasing the turbo percentage. One more 900MHz on top of it shows an increased on its performance is fairly noticeable. In the event you want to obtain more away of it, disable the CPU spectrum then raise the CPU voltage by one particular. 275v and the CENTRAL PROCESSING UNIT PLL by 1. 9v.

You may reach 4. 7GHz with Bus Speed of 100MHz and a multiplier of x47, the system runs smoother and steady. Running at 4. 8GHz – 4. 9GHz is possible here however the warmth produced by the cpu was getting too much and finally settled at 4. 7GHz.

The panel shows a strong ability with high overclocking eq and the Intel’s Flowers Bridge processor easily gets heat up. Pairing it with Sandy Bridge will probably hit the 5GHz mark however, on the negative side; you may lose news from Flowers Bridge processor.


The ASUS P8Z77-V is irrefutably a solid performer, it offers an outstanding stability and reliability when it comes to overclocking, just no longer forget the water cooling. That’s certainly what fanatics are craving for with the Z77 chip, ASUS have plainly delivered what it takes to be. Although, several of its slots were omitted to meet the masses price limit, this board is not a way belongs to low end.

For the price it offers, you got a terrific value in it considering its wealthy features and satisfaction, at $184 by this point of time it can take on other high priced Z77 board out there. In the event you hate to accelerate the hard way, likely to find the OC tuner very handy. Luckily, the WiFi Go! Isn’t overlooked which is great for wireless LAN and the BIOS FlashBack is impressive with simply a simple force of a button.

In case the removed ports such as eSATA and FireWire don’t have any use in any of your applications, though it won’t matter to most users, the P8Z77-V is obviously your better choice.

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